Solutions with ABUX

Better data means better decisions. But getting the right data into the hands of the right people, at the right time is not an easy task.

How did ABUX software get involved in this? We revolutionize business planning with our affordable solution in native Excel envirolment:


Eliminate manual errors


Faster, more efficient planning and reporting


Empower all the key employees


Role-based access

Eliminate Manual Processes

Minimize manual data collection and reconciliation. Planning on Excel-sheet is fragile caused by cell references, hyperlinks, manually loaded data.

ABUX frees your employees to focus on what matters.

Pivot Table as a surface of data loads

ABUX is capable for any functions of MS Excel – in our System  Pivot table is not only a tool for arrange and rearrange data.

Pivot table is a platform for data input: load, write-in, alter figures in Pivot and ABUX handles all the background works for the sake of aligning new data with all parts of your plan.

Rolling Forecasts

Create connection between real-time market trends and your strategic goals. Increase accuracy with automatic data transmission from “Single Point of Truth”.

Planning frameworks can be built on driver-based and project-based: see financials and operational figures of the future in each quarter or month etc.

It can replace annual planning process.

Strategic Planning with less effort and more confidence

Free yourself from constraints of Excel-based planning. Build better strategic financial plans with faster access to more accurate data.

ABUX eases planning with the ability of OLAP cube: unlimited numbers of dimensions and hierarchies in reports, handling parallel versions of plans, datadrilling till source.

Self-service BI system

After the implementation process of ABUX there is no need for additonal presence of consultants. We teach you how to navigate amoung several planning and analyzing functions.

Based on your package, licence fee is not required. Tailor your ABUX system as you wish.

Improve Collaboration & Workflow

ABUX could be a process management software for better financial collaboration and faster budgeting, planning and forecasting.

Scheduled report sending function, managable size of reports, templates for input data, automatized daily or weekly reporting – all these functions help staff to free their time and focus on core business related questions.

Closing as a routine task

Financial close and consolidation typically relies on too many manual processes, complex Excel sheets, e-mails and huge manual works for gather and organise data.

ABUX offers a „Single Source of Truth” to drives every close.

We are capable to automatize manual steps. Example:  We classify invoices alternatively based on criterias of consolidation at the moment of accounting (without altering anything in your accounting system).

Conduct Ad-hoc Analysis

Do you wan to see the impact of „what-if” scenarios on financial plans, forecasts, and strategies?

ABUX is a self-service BI system. After implementation you will be able to create quick plans to explore options with confidence.

Presentation-ready reports

As an optional choice we connect your ABUX to Microsoft Power BI, as a professional and affordable visualizaton BI tool. Power BI tranforms your reports into rich visuals for executives. There are mobile and desktop mode.

Want to see ABUX in Action?

Pre-built planning and analyzing boards

ABUX offers pre-built templates, which cover a set of key decision-making processes that are standardized across different industries and organizations.

Regular tasks

Specific tasks

Your Challenges with Excel -

Our Solution with ABUX

As we handle more information, faster reaction, ad-hoc analysis are expected Excel is not always capable to serve this environment. ABUX can eliminate technical borders of Excel and resolve many shortcomings and difficulties of planning and reporting processes.

Plan process with Top-Down and Bottom-up

Permissions and security

Data validation - Drilling till the source data

Altering and loading data directly through Pivot table

Switch between facts and plans

Rolling forecasts

Manageable size of reports

Planning in lockstep - align isolated department

Customize report promptly – Do it your way

Frequently Asked Questions

Our quick-answers guide for ABUX

Single point of truth is the practice of structuring information models and associated Database schema such that every data element is mastered (or edited) in only one place. Any possible linkages to this data element (possibly in other areas of the relational schema or even in distant are by Reference only.

During the implementation of ABUX software our professionals create a SPOT fitted to  your planning and analyzing scope.

ABUX is super flexible and, as such, can be adapted to work for any industry – from retailers to construction, food producers to financial services – it can work for them all.

Any kinds of data sources. Beyond the evident sources (i.e. ERP, SAP, Navision, Accounting, Payroll data), special data sources can also be connected to ABUX (i.e. freight tracking, production moduls, document management systems, assets/stock management systems)

Data load directly in Pivot table. Watch video and see writable Pivot in Action:

Our goal is to develop a self-service system. We build on your existing Excel-knowledge. During the implementation, our consultants work to ensure that corporate users (in most cases controller, financial managers) learn the logic behind the software and can customize their reports in the future.

We work mostly with Pentaho and MS Integration Services.

Controllers are actively involved in the implementation process, thus gaining enough experience in ABUX. Some users are involved in data uploads or smaller organizational reports. Couple of hours  education is sufficient for them.

Yes. Data what are linked directly to the reports and forecast you need, are revised and cleaned.

MS SQL server required, but it could be rented too.

Power BI is an out-of-the-box data visualisation tool – which means loads of great looking graphics and dashboards representing your data. With Power BI you will get access to a range of standard reporting templates and the ability to connect directly ABUX.

No, ABUX is a self-service system and able to work without any update. If you need – and your service contract includes it – you can get latest updates.

 If our contract includes a version tracking service, then ABUX is updated a few times yearly. The process is manual and does not affect the features you setted up during implementation, you can always decide if it is necessary.

After imlementation our consultant actively help you to create your first reports. ABUX’s nature is self-service: we build on your existing Excel-knowledge and we do not count on support as a constant source of revenue. If you need support, than mostly remote support is enough and and provided by consultant who coordinated the implementation.

Want to see ABUX in Action?