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Videos - Platform, Functions

You can see how ABUX works in aciton, how it solves some common challenge in planning and analyzing.

Functions of the ABUX software (12 Min)

We’re showcasing the features of the ABUX software through a presentation company, using a demo database.

The video is also available in german and hungarian on our youtube channel.

Write-in Pivot (8 Min)

You’ve probably experienced of Excel-pain: a continous copying and pasting to get data and generate reports. You’re tired with an inflexible report, a Pivot table you can’t edit directly. Our consultant shows you in this video how to eliminate these shortcomings with ABUX. 

Top-Down planning in HR (5 min)

ABUX manages payroll data anonymously. HR professionals can control access to payroll data for financial analyst working on yearly plans.
HR is typically an isolated planning area within a company. ABUX software integrates it, top-down and bottom-up planning is available for HR planning within full company plans.

Planning of Manufacturing (4 Min)

Annual production plan (procurement, machine capacity, packaging, manufacturing technology, labor demand, currencies, etc.) Knowledge of planning transferred from controllers to ABUX software. How does ABUX handle purchase prices in different currencies? To plan production and trade on the same worksheet but still separatedly (both revenue and costs). Enjoy this excellent interface of information sharing, the reliability of SQL server and the potential of OLAP cube.

Margin analysis (2 min)

When a business sells products of different margin, price and cost, the mix of what you sell can affect results. It’s worth understanding this. In this tutorial I showcase how you can analyze the break even point or margin over time. Specifically sales profit margins by products or partners here. This could be any type of margin analysis. It is the same technique.

Annual Planning (17min)

How can ABUX improve your annual planning processes?  1.) How ABUX works? How it looks like?  2.) Write-in PIVOT table – as a perfect solution for annual sales planning 3.) Managing P/L table in multiple currencies, Top-down planning 4.) Full-employee cost table


On-demand videos

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Our article builds on the nearly 25 years of experience that has accumulated as a controlling consultant.
The ABUX software is able to solve shortcomings of ERP systems and MS Excel-based planning.

Case studies

Read how companies of all shapes and sizes are successfully finance with ABUX.


We regularly write about software implementation and what we have experienced with our costumers in the field of planning.

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Join to our LinkedIn Customer Group. This Group is private “members-only” community exclusively for ABUX customers.

Excel vs ABUX

We commend some suggestive „Excel challenge vs. ABUX solution sketches” as a thought-provoking list for a live conversation with us.

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