Platform and Functions

Software that helps you Budget, Plan, and Report automatically on native Excel Platform

An affordable and fast implemented self-service controlling tool


We transform your planning and budgeting method into a strategic tool  without learning usage of a new software:

Easy to use

ABUX simply empowers users by allowing rapid querying and multidimensional analysis in Excel. You don't have to learn a new tool.

Fast implementation

8-12 week average implementation is fast and affordable. There is no need to attend on daylong trainings.

Built-in function and templates

It keeps every user up to date in reporting without IT support and without continuous presence of controlling professionals. PPT-ready reports on mobile and desktop platform.

Decision making in lockstep with the whole organisation

Users across the enterprise in any department from finance to sales and human resources create integrated plans and reports based on the same data model business logic.

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Creating "what-if" scenarios and reports automatically

You have a multi-dimensional array of data. Move between the dimensions of the analysis in space and time, expand / narrow any hierarchy you want to see. Unlimited number of dimensions and hierarchies in business reports.

Smooth track of expense

Reduce delays in the expense management by allowing your teams to collect and work collaboratively on their data in real-time.

Reduce the manual data entry

Automatized balance sheet at consolidated level. Inventory tracking with never seen details.

Better understanding of key factors

With your business powered by our professional software, you can keep your focus on profitability and make faster data-driven decision.

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ABUX software easily fits to your company‘s size and business requirements.

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ABUX’s goal is to become a Single Source of Truth within the company.
Our platform supports integrations from a variety of data sources and types, like
SAP, IFS, Vectory, Infosys, Navisio, Axapta, SAP Business One, Nexon, Kulcssoft, Bér Bérenc etc. without altering anything in source systems.

ABUX implementation includes data quality management.





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