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Our partners already use the ABUX controlling system successfully because it seamlessly fits any kind of business: automotive, manufacturing, trade, service, or nonprofit organizations. It is an honor to be trusted by our customers, who are leading companies in their industries.

Success Stories with ABUX

Read about how companies of all shapes and sizes successfully finance with ABUX.

All data at the right time on the right place

Improved workflow by the help of minimized manual data collection and reconciliation. Our Customer is a large hungarian company deals with waste management.

Business requirement and challenge

To create a weekly executive report by every Monday till 10am but without weekend work of controllers. It means now two days manual data gathering for the financial controlling team. Process starts with analyzing weekly accounting data – these figures are available on Saturday morning. So the reporting process results in weekend work.

Our Solution with ABUX

Our consultants create a data warehouse as source of the report. Using that database ABUX automatically generates these weekly reports with gathering all needed infos in the background.
  • No more overtime and workdays at weekends.
  • Management has access to the report in both mobile and desktop views.
  • Process improvement has enabled key staff to focus on strategic activities.

Decision making in lockstep with the whole organisation

Rolling sales forecast needs improved planning interactivity and timeliness. Our Customer is a manufacturing and distributing with luxury products. Sales activity with regional rep. Dynamically growing market presence.

Business requirement and challenge

Rolling forecasting for sales: a system which eliminate the disconnection between finance and operations, able to report, budget and forecast with unlimited scenarios and versions. Reducing manual data gathering. The main source data come from IFS and two isolated department: sales reps and manufacturing.

Our Solution with ABUX

Input data are gathered by the help of templates, so sales and manufacturing start to work together. Rola-based access control is available in ABUX. Sales representatives access ABUX via mobil application (PowerBI) – now they are able to share sales forecast data directly. Production can plan more accurately with sales data directly from field. Data protection with role-based access controll. Access the database online from anywhere. Rolling forecast as an automatized function. activities.

Cash-flow in the Blink of an Eye

To track different payment methods on a solid platform for hundreds of projects allows you to keep up-to-date cash flow statements for a huge, publicly accountable construction company.

Business requirement and challenge

Our client need an accurate, reliable and quickly assembled cash-flow statement, using actuals and plan data at the same time. The financial settlements of projects are different (i.e. barter, cash, bank transfer, prepayment). These methods are monitored on separated platforms and controllers has to gather information manually for the sake of realistic picture.

Our Solution with ABUX

After data quality management of all related sources we set up a database for cash-flow report. ABUX eliminate manual steps for accurately visualize the financial position of projects promptly.
  • Shorter reporting time
  • Accuracy of reports improved
  • No more overtime

Greater Stock Visibility

The customer supplies his reseller network and webshop from a central stock. There is a need for a flexible, dynamic and back-to-back inventory System.

Business requirement and challenge

The customer supplies his reseller network and webshop from a central stock. There is a need for a flexible, dynamic and back-to-back inventory System. Navision is responsible for storing inventory data. It is hard to change settings of reports (to rotate, to add dimensions etc.) Moreover historical data are stored in earlier version of Navision database. Data migration between the two versions is incomplete.

Our Solution with ABUX

It is a frequent business need, so our consultant are highly trained to solve the problem. The bridge between the old and the new Navision database will be ABUX: more flexible, manageable tool for analyzing stocks: additional, more specific reports are available for inventory tracking (i.e.: stock agening, the report of number of days on stock to follow on the number of days in stock)
  • Specific reports (i.e. turnover rate, dead stock, turnover rate) are available.
  • To feature rich platform with functionality to support business growth

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