Advanced Budgeting controlling analyzer and budgeting system

  • Architecture
    SQL server
    Analysis Services
    Advanced Budgeting application server
    Integrated Services or PENTAHO for the data integration between ERPs and Advanced Budgeting
  • Client
    Microsoft Excel
    Platform free data visualisation (optional) MS Power BI
  • Functions
    • Actual data analyzing
      full data integration (mass upload of master files and transactions (scheduled task or manually started)
      Data and transactions manipulation and analysis by using of standard tools (MS SQL, MS Excel)
      Calculated data types (KPI, ratios, etc.)
      Handling non-financial figures, production volumes, headcount, financial data, stocks (non-financial and financial), outstandings, assets, personnel etc.)
    • Budget data generation
      Version copy (e.g.: some or all actual data dimension copy to budget version), new item, new partner manipulation based on reference allocation, user aggregation (e.g.: monthly sum up according partner or item dimensions)
      Bottom up and Top down approach even in the same modell
      The information is spreading like a wave (aggregated relevant data entry), not like in input and output parameter method (excel)
      Budget has the same data structure as actual without additional workload, the system generates from strategic plan a detailed operative plan.
    • Compares dimensions (actual vs. budget, Profit Centers, Partners, forecast vs. budget etc)
    • Budgeting, forecasting and actual analysis on the same platform, same tool
    • Cost Allocation
      Setting the rules for cost allocation from pop-up elements. E.g. choosing production buiding depreciation
       first step is allocating the chosen depreciation cost among cost places
       second step is collecting the allocated cost from one particular cost center and reallocate among the products produced in this Cost center driven e.g. by the machine running time.
      after allocation can be displayed the „locally accounted”, the „allocated to” and „allocated from” amounts
    • Forecast
      According the company’s business model Advanced Budgeting combines the budget and actual figures into a forecast version
    • Data providing
      No need for Advanced Budgeting licence, direct data link to the controlling database
    • Data visualisation, Dashboard
      The database of Advanced Budgeting compatible to MS PowerBI platform free (Windows, iOS, Android) datavisualisation tool. Even on smartphones can be published high level controlling graphs, tables and dashboards.
    • Licence
      Our customers need limited number of Advanced Budgeting licences. Licence is needed only for the core controlling modelling, the structural changes. The data provider and report reading users do not need licence for using Advanced Budgeting.
    • Implementation
      Due to Advanced Budgeting’s architecture the implementation is extreme fast, as it is built on wide known functions of MS SQL Server, MS Excel. The software extends their standard functions with additional abilities.
      After the implementation the Customer’s project are able to manage full functionality helpless the software.
    • Support
      After project closing the implemented system is supported by Gordon & Webster online according the contract.